Colour Workshop

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colour workshop image.jpg

Colour Workshop


Sunday September 8th.

Do you love fashion, textiles or interior design – but tend to ‘play safe’ with colours you are familiar with? Or perhaps you avoid certain colours because you associate them with negative experiences.

I can show you how, with a few simple rules, you can gain colour confidence and create stunning combinations for your textiles – and any other area of your life that needs a colour overhaul!

The day will include:

‘Hands on’ painting sessions enabling you to fully understand, and enjoy, the creation of a colour wheel.
Demystifying colour terminology and the relationship between hues.
How to generate exciting colour harmonies by following, and breaking, ‘the rules’
Creating yarn combinations and unique colour palettes for your textile projects.
Understanding the significance of proportion.
Insights into the psychology and symbolism surrounding colour.
A kick start into your own colour journaling.

Price £70 includes all materials and an A5 sketchbook.

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