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Karbonz (Carbon Fibre), Interchangable, Short Length Needles


The Karbonz range are carbon fibre needles tipped with stainless steel. They have a nicer feel to them than metal and are very smooth. The needles are connected by a cable, which can come in different lengths, and are a way of forming customised circular needles. Knitting on circular needles has been shown to help with the symptoms of arthritis because the weight of your knitting rests in your lap rather than on your wrists so we highly recommend them. They are very strong and durable needles, highly unlikely to break.

(Special Tips are designed to produce circulars in 40cm (16") length. Each tip measures 10cm (4") and is to be used with cable of 20cm (8") length)

These are the short length needles.

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Karbonz IC.jpg